About Rafter B

The Rafter B Family

     Rafter B Construction, LLC is a family business owned by J.J. and Lacy Barton. J.J. began his construction career in 1998 when he started a handyman business while getting his business degree at Tarleton State University. This business led J.J. to many different repair and construction applications, which eventually led to building custom homes and custom steel structures. 
     Our 15 years of all types of construction allow us to manage and build custom projects to your liking. We have a long list of sub-contractors that we have been working with for years that offer exceptional service after the sale. We also have our own crews that will be used for a portion or all of your project, depending on the specific trade needed. You might even see the Barton kids, Tanner and Lana Jill helping dad and learning the family business!
     We would love to sit down and have a consultation with you and your family concerning your new home or other construction needs. If it's a commercial application you are interested in, we can assist with that too.